10 years of feminist actions in the streets

Anti-discrimmination flashmob at the Cotroceni presidential palace

19 June 2013
Palatul Cotroceni, București

The statements by President Traian Băsescu that sparked the protest: "Girls, bear children, because it is a patriotic act, after all (...) How in God’s name can a Roma woman have five or six children, but the Romanian woman can't? It's true, "She is not a manager, the Roma woman (...) We have to think differently as well. Maybe motherhood is one of the fundamental missions of a woman, it seems to me".

Organizers: E Romnja, Centrul Filia, Asociația Front, Centrul Parteneriat pentru Egalitate

The project is carried out by the Partnership Center for Equality (CPE), in partnership with the Front Association, the Cultural Scientific Society of Feminist Analyzes AnA (AnA), the Action Center for Equality and Human Rights Association (ACTEDO), the PLURAL Association and the SEXUL Versul BARZA Association, and benefits from funding in the amount of 249,930.00 euros, through the Active Citizens Fund Romania program, financed by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA Grants 2014-2021. The content of this website does not necessarily represent the official position of the EEA and Norwegian Grants 2014-2021; for more information go to www.eeagrants.org. Information about Active Citizens Fund Romania is available at www.activecitizensfund.ro

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